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Tools and Resources for Home Performance Contractors, Energy Auditors and Weatherization Professionals


BPI Energy Audit Form



Downloadable PDF


  • Communicate your energy audit findings in an actionable format
  • Prioritized recommendations and organized sections
  • Tips and instructions for how to lay out your own energy audit forms


Sample Energy Audit ReportCreating a good energy audit form report can take days or weeks. Short cut your development time with our market tested Sample Energy Audit Report. We've refined this home energy audit report based on homeowner feedback from hundreds of audits. Our energy audit form report will help you create a professional, organized energy audit report to help homeowner's take action on your audit findings.

The Sample Home Energy Audit Report is a PDF with sample language, tips and ideas for what you should integrate with your own personalized audit report. You can use the language and structure to create a format that works best for your business.

Sample Energy Audit Report Features

  • Prioritized recommendations and organized sections detailing what to include in your energy audit report
  • How to clearly explain test results and observations including combustion safety, indoor air quality, utility bill analysis, insulation and air sealing
  • Tips and instructions for how to lay out your own energy audit forms
  • Critical action items to inform your recommendations for the homeowner
  • Based on BPI standards


If you are looking for a fully editable word version of our Sample Energy Audit Report consider our Editable Energy Audit Report Template which allows for complete customization.



The Sample Energy Audit Report is a PDF that will be e-mailed instantly as a downloadable link. You will be required to have a computer capable of opening Adobe Acrobat PDF files.


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