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"I showed this video to a Building Analyst class that I was teaching in New Jersey. I asked them if they would find it more helpful to watch it before class started, or just before the exams. They said both."

--Hap H.


BPI – Announces update to Building Analyst Credential

Earlier this month, BPI announced a few changes will be made to the Building Analyst Credential, effective February 1, 2014. In part, BPI is aligning this credential with the Basic Analysis of Buildings standard, currently out-for-public-comment, and the complementary Energy Auditing …

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BPI Unveils Four New Home Energy Professional Certifications

If you’re looking to differentiate yourself among a field of BPI Building Analysts, BPI’s new Home Energy Professional (HEP) certifications may be the answer. Four new advanced credentials are now available for professionals with sufficient work experience to demonstrate their …

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BPI Recognized as Rating System Provider in Florida

Deregulation in Florida of the rating of buildings means HERS is no longer the only game in town. BPI is officially recognized as a rating system provider meaning professionals with a BPI credential will be able to expand their services …

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